Sunday, August 5, 2012

Review: 'Wow, That's Tachlis.'

An interesting review on our radio show 'Let's Talk Tachlis' by  the Orthodox Pundit Blog:
 I finally got time to run through parts of the Let's Talk Tachlis' debut. Michael Fragin is a super host, and as one who afforded me several re-tweets, I was happy to hear his voice. Moshe Friedman's voice would have been better for a Daf Hayomi Shiur, but the substance is brilliant. A real nice program, especially since it seems that they will take a no holds bars attitude. The traditional talk show programs are often reduced to bragging shows and infomercials. I'm delighted that finally someone it talking Tachlis (sorry for those having a hard time to pronounce it).
Hear are some interesting points from the first program: 
Starting a little bit after minute 20, the two are discussing if endorsements are turning off Heimishe voters. Moshe says that endorsements doesn't help any more, and is echoing a point I made a day after the Storobin win, that people "don’t want to be said what they have to do…"

Somewhere after 36, Moshe, who supported Lew Fidler in the special election, is telling that David Storobin won 88 percent of  the vote in BP and 39 percent of Flatbush's. I was the first to reveal Storobin's strength in BP, but never knew that it reached these margins. Moshe was surprised that the marriage issue was stronger in BP than in Flatbush. Explanation: more inclusive Jews hardly cared for rules that are almost exclusivity impacting the broader community. This, apparently, have changed.  

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